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Soil Conservation

Every year we offer affordable trees
for conservation efforts. 
Windbreaks are used to reduce wind  
erosion, snow drifts, reduce drying of plants
in the summer months, reduce heating costs,
and provide shelter for animals.

Tree Order Form

Cost Share Projects 

Available for conservation practices applied to the
land for the purpose of controlling or preventing soil 
erosion, sedimentation, nutrient runoff, or other water
pollution to maintain the sustainable use of soil 
and water and other natural resources. 

Water Conservation

We can all do our part to protect our pristine
water. Natural Shoreline buffers, fertilizing lawns 
and gardens with zero phosphorus fertilizer, 
reducing, capturing, and cleansing runoff
are just a few examples of how 
we, as stewards of this land, can help. 


Hubbard County is blessed to have some of
the clearest and cleanest lakes in the State of 
Minnesota. These crystal clear waters provide
a wonderful recreational venue for residents,
seasonal visitors, and vacationers alike.


    To place your Tree Order pick-up time, go to:


    All species have SOLD OUT. We will no longer be taking seed and tree orders for this years tree sale. Make sure to get a jump on your orders for next year at our Tree Sale Seminar on May 20th. You can contact us for more info and check out our social media.

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    Tree Bundles

    Minimum order is 1 bundle of 25 trees per variety
    Deciduous Trees Growth Rate Soil Type Size Mature Height Price for 25 Price for 10 bundles # of Bundles
    Birch, Paper Moderate/Fast Moist/Well-drained 18"-24" 50'-70' 50.00 450.00 SOLD OUT
    Birch, River Moderate/Fast Sandy/Clay 12"-18" 40'-60' 50.00 450.00 SOLD OUT
    Cherry, Black Fast Moist/fertile-soil 12"-18" 50'-75' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Cherry, Pin Fast Moist/Well-drained 12"-24" 23'-30' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Cottonwood, Eastern Fast Moist/Well-drained 12"-18" 50'-80' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Crabapple, Magenta Fast Moist/Well-drained 12"-18" 35'-40' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Crabapple, Red Splendor Moderate Moist/Well-drained 12"-18" 15'-25' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Maple, Red Moderate/Fast Variety/Moist 12"-18" 40'-60' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Maple, Silver Fast Variety/Moist/Acidic 12"-18" 50'-80' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Oak, Bur Moderate Moderate/Well-drained 12"-18" 35'-75' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Poplar, Balsam Fast Moist sandy loam or loam soil 12"-18" 40'-80' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Conifers 25 trees per bundle Price Includes Sales Tax
    Cedar, White Slow/Moderate Moist/Well-drained 7"-12" 35'-45' 50.00 450.00 SOLD OUT
    Fir, Balsam Slow/Moderate Sandy/Loam/Clay 12"-18" 45'-75' 50.00 450.00 SOLD OUT
    Pine, Jack Fast Well-drained 6"-12" 25'-60' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Pine, Red (Norway) Moderate/Fast Sandy/Loam/Clay 6"-12" 60'-80' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Pine, White Fast Sandy/Loam/Clay 8"-18" 80'-100' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Spruce, Norway Fast Well Drained/Slightly Acidic 7"-15" 120'-150' 50.00 450.00 SOLD OUT
    Spruce, White Moderate/Fast Sandy/Loam/Clay 8"-16" 40'-80' 50.00 450.00 SOLD OUT
    Tamarack Fast Moist/acidic 6"-12" 40'-70' 50.00 450.00 SOLD OUT
    Shrubs 25 trees per bundle Price Includes Sales Tax
    Chokeberry, Black Moderate/Fast Variety/Moist Tolerant 12"-18" 3'-6' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Cranberry, Highbush Moderate/Fast Moist/Well-drained 12"-18" 8'-12' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Dogwood, Red Osier Fast Sandy, loam, clay 12"-18" 4'-10' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Elderberry Fast Well-drained/Slightly Acid 12"-18" 5'-12' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Hazelnut, American Moderate Moist to dry sandy soil 6"-12" 6'-14' 40.00 360.00 SOLD OUT
    Packets 10 trees per wild berry pack Price Includes Sales Tax
    Wild Berry Pack (3-Elderberry, 2-Serviceberry, 3-Flowering Rasp., 2-R. Mulberry, 6"-12") 25.00 225.00 SOLD OUT

    Seeds, Plant Kits and helpers

    N/A --> N/A -->
    Seedling Protection Price Quantity
    100 Bud Caps 3.00
    2.5' Shrub Tube (4"-6" diameter) w/stake 6.00
    Plantskydd Price Quantity
    1 quart pre-mixed liquid spray 24.00
    1.3 gallon premixed 60.00
    1 pound box powder 27.00
    2.2 pound box powder 44.00
    1 pound granule shaker 11.00
    7 pound granule shaker 45.00
    Flags Price Quantity
    4" square pink flag 0.15
    Native Seed Packets Price Quantity
    Monarch Mix - covers 100 sq ft 25.00 N/A
    Pollinator Mix - covers 100 sq ft 25.00 N/A
    Songbird Mix - covers 100 sq ft 25.00 N/A
    Lakeshore/Wetland Mix - covers 1000 sq ft 125.00 N/A
    Bee Lawn Mix - covers 1,000 sq ft 95.00 N/A
    Upland Dry Prairie Mix - covers 5,000 sq ft 185.00 N/A
    Septic Mound Mix - covers 1,000 sq ft 70.00 N/A
    Plant Kits Price Quantity
    Backyard Prairie Plant Kit 84.00 N/A
    Short & Tidy Plant Kit 84.00 N/A
    Monarch Plant Kit 84.00 N/A
    Raingarden/Lakeshore Kit 84.00 N/A
    Each Plant Kit contains 36 plugs of 6 different species and covers 36 square feet.


    Growth Rate

    Slow Medium Fast
    12" or less per year 13"-24" per year 25"+ per year

    Hubbard County SWCD does not guarantee the survival of trees. All orders are subject to the same condition we receive from our suppliers.

    Tax is included in quoted price per bundle. Orders less than $100 are due IN FULL upon placing. Orders over $100 can be paid in full or a 50% deposit is due with your order and the balance is due before May 1, 2022. Staff will process your order within 2 business days and contact you with payment options. Up to a 4.0% credit card fee will be charged if paid with credit card.

    If you have any questions, please call the office between 8:00 am & 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday, excluding federal holidays, at (218) 732-0121 ext. 4.

    2022 Order Pickup

    Location: Hubbard Co. Fairgrounds - 201 Fair Ave, Park Rapids, MN 56470 DISTRIBUTION IS SCHEDULED FOR:
    • Fri. May 6, 1-6pm
    • Sat. May 7, 9am-3pm

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